Ventair Spyda 1253mm Corrosion Proof Ceiling Fan

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Ideally Suited For

  • Both indoor and outdoors such as entertaining and living areas and bedrooms

The Ventair Spyda ceiling fan is unique and modern as it is a fully Moulded Plastic Alloy Composite 3 Blade ceiling fan with True Spin Technology™ motor. Perfect for outdoor areas, particularly near swimming pools and near the seaside locations exposed to sea air and the humid environment.


  • Robust corrosion-proof components
  • Fabulous 6-year motor warranty
  • UV Protected parts
  • Very Quiet Operating Ceiling Fan
  • Easy Install for Electrician
  • Energy-Efficient to save on those power bills
  • Reversible airflow selection
  • True-spin Technology™

Technical Specifications

  • Colour: White, Black, and Titanium
  • Size: 1250mm
  • Blade:3
  • Blade material: Plastic Alloy Composite
  • Overall pitch: High (curved blade)
  • Motor Watt: 68/40/20W
  • Speed H/M/L (RPM): 230/175/115rpm
  • Remote Control: Compatible with SPYRFRDIM
  • Air movement: 13320/10440/6900m³/H
  • J Hook Kits: Available in Satin White
  • Extension rods: Available in Satin White comes in two sizes 900mm and 450mm

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