Air Conditioner Replacement

-- all pricing includes GST where applicable --

BASIC PACKAGE (AC Replacement) Inc GST $499

  • To decommission and remove the existing split system, and to supply, install and commission the new split system air conditioner – simple straight forward replacement based on the following elements;
  • Pipework: Reuse existing pipework (no new pipework and ductwork) and no allowance for flushing the existing pipework
  • Brackets: Reuse existing brackets for outdoor unit & existing do not need to be removed or adjusted
  • Hole: Reuse existing hole thru the wall for pipework (no additional adjustments required)
  • No parts or gas included
  • Outdoor Unit Location: Can be accessed with only a 6-Step Ladder and no additional access equipment or labour required.
  • Power Supply: No allowance to install or upgrade power supply equipment to comply with AS3000 and manufacturer standards.


    EXTRA VARIATIONS PRICE LIST (if applicable to site) - Inc GST
    The qualified tradesmen will carry out & provide a copy of the inspection checklist at the beginning of the job if a variation

    * Install new electrical circuit in the existing switchboard and run a cable to lockable isolator for an outdoor unit air conditioner with electrical certification (COC).

    Cable, R.C.R, Lockable Isolator & Electrical COC $165
    Surface Mounted Conduit $25p/m
    Labour in 15-min blocks $30ea

    * Replace existing isolator to a lockable isolator (AS3000 Electrical Standards located within arm's length from the outdoor unit which is defined at 2.4m) $180

    * Replace existing pipework with new if needed $285 (2m total). Anything over 2m is charge at $113p/m

    NOTE: RECOMMEND replacing pipework when replacing air conditioner with a different gas type, instead of flushing existing pipework)

    * Adjusting existing brackets for an outdoor unit $138

    * Supply & install new condensing unit brackets $195

    * Flushing existing pipework – this is needed if not replacing pipework to new pipework and if the old and new Air Conditioner have different gas types E.g R410a to R32 gas. $193

    * Outdoor unit up high (can not access with a 6-step ladder) additional time charged out in 15-min blocks @ $30ea

    * Adjustments / Expansion due to Hole thru the wall for pipework additional time charged out in 15-min blocks $30ea

    A. All cabling, pipework, ductwork will be installed in surface mounted unless stated otherwise in the above quote.
    B. All Installations are a Back-2-Back installation for the indoor & outdoor unit unless stated otherwise above.
    C. When Air conditioner capacities/sizes have been specified by the customer, we give no guarantee that unit capacity is correct for the rooms.
    D. If the air conditioner is powered by an existing circuit or powerpoint the quote doesn't include load testing the existing circuit, to reduce costs. If the circuit trips out after installation and extra works are required to resolve the issue then additional charges will apply.

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